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What the Kids Say...

Natalie O'Rourke

Mother of Claire, Alexandre, Quinn and Reid MacDonald

Dentistry4Kids is synonymous with pediatric excellence and trust. The professional attention to all the details, makes every visit a success. It's not just about the teeth: it's completely about the whole child and the child's perceptions. From the soothing reassurances, to the diverse entertainment and well-planned distractions, the prospect of bringing our 4 children to the dentist's office is always met with enthusiasm.

Even invasive treatments leave our children happy to see Dr. Dhanji and her colleagues at subsequent visits. The personal approach delivers a quality of care unmatched, anywhere.

Clair (10yrs)

I like that all the dentists are nice; that there are fun games; and there is a TV in the ceiling; you get a prize at the end; it's really cool. There's a wall with real fish.

Alexandre (8yrs)

It ROCKS! All the dentists are nice; I like the cool rooms and how they take care of me. I like that I got a filling today, and it didn't hurt.

Reid (4yrs)

Smily doctors; nice tv. I like balloons.

Salma Mitha

Mother of Imaan

Dentistry 4 Kids has been my daughter Imaan's dentist for over 5 years now. I would recommend this dentist to anyone. It is a great service which is professional and has a very friendly staff but most importantly a staff that is honest and genuine. The staffs' constant enthusiasm and positive energy is contagious for the children. Dr. Dhanji is Imaan's dentist and I have never met a more caring and dedicated doctor who treated Imaan with loving care one might expect from family. Dr. Dhanji got Imaan to overcome fear so that she could be treated and feel safe and secure. Their compassion, kindness and cheerfulness gave Imaan hope and made the trip to the dentist more comforting then stressful.

Imaan (8yrs)

I love Shelina! She is the best dentist in the world! I want to say thanks for taking care of my teeth. I am happy because I got on the "Cavity Free Wall"! I like her fish, balloons and treasures. The office treats me with respect and shows me nothing but love and care. I like the dentist now. I am not scared anymore.