Through the Years - The School Age Years
No Referral Necessary

Emphasis is placed on diet and oral care particularly on prevention of caries (cavities) and age appropriate tooth loss and eruption.

At Dentistry 4 Kids we will evaluate jaw development and address any oral habits. Additional preventative measures such as fissure sealants, mouth guards and nutrition are great topics to discuss with your oral care provider.

Did you know:
Students miss more than 51 million school hours per year* because of dental problems or related conditions. Dental pain can distract students, cause their schoolwork to suffer or even lead to school absences.  Children and adolescents with healthy teeth have better attendance, are more attentive in class and tend to participate more fully in school-related activities.
To start the school year off on the right tooth, and prevent oral-health-related absences, teach your student to floss once a day and brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste. Beware of frequent snacking, as repeated exposure to sugary or starchy snacks can increase the risk for cavities. And most important, visit your pediatric dentist twice a year. Your pediatric dentist provides an ongoing oral health assessment and can help your student prevent cavities and school absences.